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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Meet yet another Flocker

If all Bangalorians are like Honey, I pity Americans about to graduate college. They're up against a hungry, polite, Excel-proficient Indian army. Put it this way: Honey ends her emails with "Right time for right action, starts now!" Your average American assistant believes the "right time for right action" starts after a Starbucks venti latte and a discussion of last night's Amazing Race 8. - Esquire Magazine: My Outsourced Life

My first post from Flock. It been all of two hours, and Flock rocks already!

I visited a BPO set-up in Hyderabad earlier this week, and it felt scarily close to what AJ Jacobs writes in My Outsourced Life. I too met with a set of hungry, polite, computer-savvy and extremely competent people who had honed mundane tech-support activities into a fine art. Including an in-house software tool that allows clients to monitor any of their agents' calls real-time over the internet and tag live feedback to the call-transcript. This feedback is in-turn used in training and performance improvement. At one level I felt sorry for agents who had to live with every minute of their work being monitored by big-brother. That apart, I left feeling that the world would never be the same again, after the take-over by these hordes of young, motivated, tech-enabled agents striving to achieve customer service nirvana.


At 11:37 PM, Blogger Hemant said...

good to see you liked flock!
On 2nd thought to me, it is not bad either, it is jst im emotionally attached with FireFox now ... :)

At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Daniel Nerezov said...


Just downloaded my copy.

Web 2.0 now enjoys its very own browser.

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Prashant Subhedar said...

Flock's good, but somehow seems like a Yahoo! backed attempt to recreate Mozilla (the search field for example). What I do miss in Flock for one is the Ajax extenstion available for Yahoo Mail to Firefox. Being able to preview your mail whilst in the Inbox is something !
Blogging whilst in Flock on any page makes the other browsers look and feel so last century definitely!!

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